Zibartas Cosplay

I’m Jonas Zibartas, also known as Zibartas cosplay. I’ve been a cosplayer for 3 years now, and funnily enough my cosplay debut was on stage at Koyo with my girlfriend, Skymone cosplay. I primarily focus on making things from real metal using motors and lights, which is a bit unusual for cosplay, and I think that’s why some people find it interesting. Like most cosplayers I have no education in any of the fields that I’m working in, and have learned how to work with metal and engineer animatronic props by myself. My biggest cosplay project to date is Doomfist – a character from the game Overwatch – with which I’ve participated in the Blizzard Costume Contest at Gamescom 2018. Aside from wearing costumes, I also make guides and videos on Youtube about cosplay and electronics as well as stream live-crafting sessions on Twitch, where people around the world tune in to hang out and learn a thing or two. I’m excited to see and meet you all in Koyo 2020, the best KoyoCon yet!


Foto af: frostshattered

Foto af: eosandy_

Foto af: Skymone Cosplay

Foto af: Zarsu.dk